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That's Just Me: On healthy friendships, values, and expressing appreciation!


This is Week 3 in my 8-week reflection series as a facilitator in the That’s Just Me program. The collective theme of this week’s activities was “That’s What Friends Are For”. We focused on topics like what defines a good friend and how to make sure you create and maintain positive and healthy relationships in your life, especially going into high school. 

What Makes a Good Friend?

An example of an activity we did was asking the girls to state qualities they value in a good friend. Standing in a circle, they passed along a ball of yarn while sharing their individual statement on what makes a good friend. When everyone had a go, the yarn had formed a web symbolizing how there’s often someone who shares the same values as you do and that we are all connected.

Volunteer Appreciation

Another fun thing that happened this week was the Volunteer Appreciation Event that takes place every time the programs run. This event focuses entirely on the volunteers: the people that volunteer their time to make the programs possible. They deserve to be celebrated! Volunteers and the Youth Team staff played games and had dinner. With the help of a spinning wheel, volunteers were given different prizes, everything from candy to gift cards to YWCA towels (what else do you need?!).

My friends from That's Just Me

Lastly, I realize I have only dedicated a few lines to my fellow volunteer colleagues in my program so far (where are my manners!). In this group we have two facilitators who are two university students leading most of the activities. We also have a high school mentor, who can tell the girls about what high school is like and answer any questions they might have. Then we have the wisdom champions, two in this case, who brings snacks, share stories and help out with the program where needed.  They are simply the greatest people to work with.

Next week, the topic is called “Take a look in the Mirror”

YWCA Metro Vancouver offers 8-week long after school programs for Grade 7 girls and boys throughout Vancouver and Surrey, run entirely by volunteers like Nathalie. To find out more, click here.

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