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Celebrating International Women's Day: Help women and families make it happen

Social Change

Happy International Women’s Day!

At YWCA Metro Vancouver, International Women’s Day is a time for us to celebrate women's achievements and to reflect on the social, political and economic inequalities still faced by women across Metro Vancouver and beyond.

As part of supporting women, we advocate for public investment in a quality, affordable universal early learning and child care system to:

  • Support children's healthy development
  • Build a strong economy
  • Achieve women’s equality

A recent poll on a $10 a day child care plan shows that the majority of British Columbians feel the same.

How does quality early learning and an affordable child care system help progress women in society? 

Consider these facts:

  • Providing a universal child care system increases mothers’ participation in the labour force, contributing to their long-term economic security, higher tax revenue yields and fewer labour shortages.
  • Childcare fees are the second highest family expenses after housing in BC. Without affordable childcare, parents, often times women, must either stay at home to care for their child, or incur debt from paying high fees. Either way, this hurts women and their families financially, and can prevent them from progressing in the workforce.
  • BC has licensed child care spaces for only about 20% of children. A lack of a universal early learning and child care system contributes to economic inequality, taking us two steps back from achieving equality.

We operate 4 high-quality and affordable early-learning and child care centres to meet the needs of families with young children across Metro Vancouver. As a result, we are able to help mothers like Darci:

“We were provided with quality mother and child care education by the YWCA, which has helped [my daughter] learn and develop.”

Darci also added that with the YWCA’s support, she has become a self-assured, independent woman. Both she and her daughter have gained essential skills and confidence to guide them through their next steps.

This International Women’s Day, we encourage you to add your voice to the call for a high-quality, affordable early learning and child care system for all British Columbians. By taking the $10 a Day pledge, you can help women contribute to the wellbeing of women and their families. Together, we can Make It Happen!

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