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Member success profile: Dana

With the support of the YWCA Health + Fitness team, Dana lost 30lbs and is hooked on her new healthy lifestyle.

Active since: 2011
Goal: Keep fit and stay healthy
Advice: “Keep at it, keep going and keep persisting.”

A lack of consistency and motivation were Dana’s biggest barriers to pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. When one of Dana’s colleagues decided to start a rigorous diet, she felt that it was time for her make a change as well.  

Along with a new diet plan, Dana started using the MyFitnessPal app. She then realized the disparity between the calories she was consuming versus burning. This was the beginning of her renewed commitment to fitness.

In maintaining her motivation, Dana credits the instructors at the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre. She talks about their support and how they’ve recognized her accomplishments along the way.

“It’s just so uplifting knowing you’ve done something and it’s recognized.”

After losing 30lbs in just one year, Dana is now hooked on fitness. She’s also a positive role model for her children, and wants to live a long life for them. Dana hopes to inspire her kids to keep up with their physical fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Are you a YWCA Health + Fitness member with a story to share? Get in touch with us and we’ll profile you in our Member Success Series!


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