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WorkBC Centres: what to expect on your first visit


If you’re one of the many people in BC currently on the hunt for a job, one of the best places to find support is at your nearest WorkBC Employment Services Centre.  

People from a variety of educational, professional and cultural backgrounds regularly come to our centres to receive help in their career exploration and job search preparation.  

In today’s post, we'll outline the many services you can receive at a YWCA WorkBC Employment Services Centre

What to expect when you walk into one of our centres

The first thing to know is how to find a WorkBC Centre. The centres are located across Metro Vancouver and finding one depends on your home address. Enter your postal code into WorkBC’s interactive map to find for the centre closest to you.
When you arrive, you will see a reception area where, if it’s your first visit, you will be asked to complete a form to determine the services for which you'll be eligible. 

Hours of operation and access

WorkBC Centres are open Monday to Friday, however, hours may vary slightly from one centre to the next. Prior to coming to the centre nearest you, be sure to check the WorkBC site for your catchment location and check the hours. If you’re using a YWCA WorkBC Centre, you can find hours of operation here.

Every centre is wheelchair accessible and has a dedicated workstation with a table that raises and lowers according to your needs. For more information on services for people with disabilities, visit the WorkBC website.

Our Resource room

In the resource room you will find computer workstations where you can research occupations and companies and draft, print and fax resumes and cover letters. The real gems of the centres, however, are the resource room advisors who are there to help you at the Coach’s Corner. While WorkBC Centres don’t operate as resume writing services, we are there to help proofread, make suggestions and empower you to take the next steps on your own. 

Resource library

The resource library is a dedicated area with a wide range of career planning and research publications. Feel free to browse the selections while you are working in the centre. We also have current and past business publications and resource books, flyers and pamphlets for other community services and resources. 


Each WorkBC Centre is equipped with computer stations and chairs for you to use. You can access the WorkBC site to explore careers and labour market information, search for jobs and print job postings.


Telephones are available for local calls so you can arrange meetings, informational interviews and job interviews.

Resource room advisors

WorkBC Centres are staffed by resource room advisors who will help you with your resumes and cover letters, and provide technical support when needed.


Resource room advisors also facilitate interactive workshops on cover letter and resume writing, career exploration, job search and networking strategies, interview skills and more. Check with the WorkBC Centre closest to you for a current schedule. If you're visiting a YWCA WorkBC Employment Services Centre, you can download our monthly workshop schedules on this page (just click on the link under your local WorkBC Centre). 

Arrange with your case manager to attend one of our workshops. If you are a self-serve client, you can talk to the resource room advisor to see if there is space for you to attend. Many of the workshops are offered several times a month, however there are some that are only offered in a series, with a time commitment or offered only periodically.

Case managers

When you come to the centre for the first time, you will complete an intake form so we can determine if you qualify to be assigned a case manager. Case managers will help you access available resources and supports, help you develop an action plan and connect you with helpful programs to assist you in moving forward in life and with your job search.

Job board

At each WorkBC Centre, you’ll find a job board or binders with regularly updated job postings in various fields of employment. It’s a good place to start browsing positions. For a truly up to date and detailed selection, be sure to check out the daily listings of available positions on the YWCA digital job postings board (updated weekly) or the WorkBC website.

Interview skills practice

Do you have a job interview lined up? We can help you sharpen up your interview skills with workshops and one-on-one mock interviews. The key is that you get to practice in a safe and supportive environment so that you can be at your very best on the day of your actual interview.


All centres have bathrooms, most have water and cups available, some have a microwave to heat up a snack. Some centres also have complementary food like pastries and cookies for hungry job seekers.

Wrapping up

WorkBC Centres are focused, supportive environments designed to help with all of your employment needs. Some people come in for a few hours, a couple of times a week, while others come almost every day and spend the whole day focused on intense job search activities. Whatever your needs, come visit your nearest centre and we’ll do our very best to help.

If you’re looking for services and support in your job search, visit one of our WorkBC centres to get started. All our employment services are FREE.

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