Boot camp

Benefits of group fitness

Thursday, July 23, 2015 by Sandy Reimer

If you’re looking to get noticeable results from your workout, head to the group fitness studio.

With so many class types, you’ll never be bored! From Bootcamp and Pilates to Tabata and indoor cycling, our classes will challenge you and improve your body.

Plus, group fitness classes offer the opportunity to turn your workout into a social activity—you’re likely to have more fun working out in a group setting than plugging away on a cardio machine alone. You’re also likely to meet other people with similar lifestyles and goals—so what do you have to lose?

Once you’re here, it’s up to you to get the most out of your group fitness class. Here are few tips:

  • Leave all expectations and judgments at the door. Enter the studio with an open mind and get ready to experience all that comes at you.
  • Let go, enjoy the music and share your positive energy with the group. Don’t be afraid to dance your heart out at Bollywood or move to the music in Zumba class! Great things will happen. 
  • Use peer pressure wisely. If you have that competitive spirit let the group dynamic push you a bit harder and challenge yourself. But it’s important to know your limits and understand when you’re beyond your comfort or ability level.
  • Have fun and pay attention to the changes in your body. You’ll start seeing results after just a few weeks—and not only in your body, with regular group exercise we guarantee that your mood will improve too!

Group fitness classes at the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre are available free to members on a drop in basis – just show up and workout. You’ll want to arrive before the class begins and get settled. Stay until the end, or if you have to leave early let the instructor know before the class. Warmup and cooldown are part of the class plan.

Here’s a bonus tip—schedule your favourite group fitness classes into your work or phone calendar and set alarms to remind you, that way you’re sure to get your workouts in! 

Looking to get in shape and have fun? The YWCA Health + Fitness Centre is a 30,000 square-foot co-ed fitness facility and pool located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We offer a friendly, supportive and health-focused environment, with the latest equipment, great group fitness classes and knowledgeable instructors.