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Strong Girls, Strong World project empowers youth for social change

Social Change

Despite progress in recent years, young girls continue to be a disadvantaged group around the world, excluded from many opportunities in society and denied economic and social rights. In developing countries, girls are more likely to be denied an education, live in poverty, and be malnourished (UNICEF, 2015). In a like manner, girls from all over the world continue to be sexually imposed by the media, and are often limited by traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

Together with Plan Canada, YMCA Canada, and YWCA Canada, the YWCA Metro Vancouver is here to change that for girls through the Strong Girls, Strong World initiative, a national project granted through the Status of Women Canada. Under the theme of “girls as leaders and change-makers,” this new project will empower young women to become agents of change in their local communities.

Along with our advocacy work on the anti-sexualization of women and girls, this project will engage both young girls and boys to develop their leadership skills and become change-agents for gender equality. It will empower youth to advocate for social change and speak out against sexism and sexualization.

Get Involved!

We are currently seeking young leaders ages 15-21 in Metro Vancouver to be a part of our Youth Advisory Committee, operating under the Strong Girls, Strong World project. The committee’s goal is to unite young people who are passionate about creating change on issues relating to:

  • Social Media and Digital Literacy
  • Sexualization of girls and hyper-masculinization of boys
  • Gender Equality
  • Intersectionality
  • Popular Culture

More information and application details can be found here. So far in the project, our Youth Advisory Commiteee has been a part of events that raise awareness to bring an end to cyber-bullying and educate young women on how to break into male-dominated workplaces

For more information on the Strong Girls, Strong World project, please contact:

Peggy Chen
Youth Engagement Coordinator
604 895 5822


Love this idea to empower young women, this program should be incredible and leave a lasting legacy. Past vice-president YWCA Health & Fitness and Family Services . September,2015 Lis Ebba Petersen

Thanks Lis! We sure hope so - stay tuned because we'll be blogging more on the Strong Girls, Strong World project!

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