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Change is good: YWCA staff resolutions for 2016


It was what I was born for—
to look, to listen,
to lose myself
inside this soft world—
to instruct myself
over and over

—Excerpted from “Mindful” by Mary Oliver

A new year can mean a fresh start and it's a great time to set goals for making the change you want to see in your life or the world. Reflecting on how you want to grow can happen any time of year, but this is a great time to make resolutions and share them with friends, family or colleagues so they can support us (and hold us accountable!). 

In your resolutions for 2016, we encourage you to move past the challenging, uncomfortable or even scary parts of doing things differently and embrace positive change.

Here some of our staff share their new year’s resolutions:

Getting fit

Bobbi Sarai Tanguay, YWCA Fund Development Senior Manager, is resolving to "continue what I've been doing." Whenever she's in the office, she takes a break downstairs at YWCA Health+Fitness. Bobbi tries to workout with a colleague and incorporate weight training into her routine.

From January 6-15, YWCA Health+Fitness is holding an open house. Whether it’s getting your dance on at a Zumba class, taking a dip in our state-of-the-art UV-purified pool or focusing on mindfulness and strength with yoga or Pilates, the open house provides the opportunity to try the facilities for free (For more details, contact Health+Fitness), explore the broad range of classes and get to know our incredible staff and members.

If you’re among those of us who’ve made a resolution to get fit in 2016, the time to join our downtown gym is now. Plus, the joiner fee is on us this month.


Using the right words

Part of the work of the marketing team is to share the stories of our program participants, some of whom have experienced violence. We hold the power to shape conversations about violence in our communities and accurately reflect the challenges experienced and overcome by women of the YWCA. For instance, “He assaulted her” places the accountability on the perpetrator, whereas “her assault” suggests that the violence belongs to the victim.

Our choices as storytellers affect others’ understanding of violence, so our resolution is to continue improving the way to we tell clients’ stories by following the “Use the Right Words” guide to media reporting on sexual violence in Canada. Says one author of the guide, “No words are neutral....If you can use language that doesn’t reinforce rape culture, why not do that?”

Eating less red meat

YWCA Thrift Store Coordinator Alan Chubak is resolving to eat less red meat. Almost 8% of global carbon emissions are from raising livestock. Eating less red meat could be a healthy and environmentally sustainable choice!

Investing in the future

Says JoAnne Fahr, YWCA Legacy Giving Manager, “I resolve to ask all staff to consider a) making a will and b) adding a Legacy Gift to YWCA – any size at all! What an investment in the future!”

When you make a legacy gift to the YWCA, you become a member of our Legacy Circle, a group of passionate individuals who are committed to building better futures for women and their children across Metro Vancouver.

Want to make a lasting impact and help JoAnne reach her goals? Get in touch with her: 604 895 5829 / jfahr@ywcavan.org.

Committing to social change

Everyone at the YWCA is doing what we can to create change from the ground up. Since 1897, we’ve working to achieve gender equality. Our mission is to touch lives and build better futures for women and their families through advocacy and integrated services that foster economic independence, wellness, and equal opportunities.

In 2016 and beyond, we’re focused on breaking the cycle of poverty for women and children, so that all Canadians, including women, Indigenous peoples, and children, have equality. That means making progress on new housing projects, including opening YWCA Cause We Care House in the Downtown Eastside, and continuing our work advocating across communities and sectors to ensure women are free from violence.

However you approach it, change is good.


YWCA Metro Vancouver provides vital programs and services that help people achieve financial independence and build better lives. We’re committed to you. Contact us to connect with our programs and services that can support the positive change you want.

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