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Will you be 'Fitter IN 20'?

We recently held a challenge for our members, did you play?

We made 6 buttons for 6 types of workouts: dance, cardio, yoga, Pilates, swim and strength. The idea of the challenge was to work out in each modality and earn a button. Earn 6 buttons in 30 days and you received a secret prize.

Many of our members shared how much they enjoyed the challenge because they were encouraged to try a class/workout they usually don’t attend. They expanded their workout options and had some fun at the same time. “Who knew I was so coordinated in dance?” one member commented.  

Most of us tend to get stuck in the same old routine day in, day out.  Our routines may be good for us, but more often than not change is good. Change allows for new opportunities, new perspectives, new thoughts and, in the case of exercise, new results.

Fitter IN 20

We’re now beginning our latest challenge, Fitter IN 20. What if you counted your workouts and checked in on your progress?  Do 20 workouts that are at least 30 minutes long in 60 days. What can you achieve in 20 workouts?  You won’t know unless you try.

You can simply do your 20 workouts and pick up a prize – or maybe add a twist.

  • Try 20 workouts at a different time of the day, say for example you always wanted to be one of those people who work out first thing, “early bird catches the worm” they say – do your 20 workouts before work in the morning! 
  • Do all yoga classes. You’ve heard that doing yoga will “change your life.” Try 20 yoga classes in 60 days and see what happens!
  • All cardio. If you’re like most people, you may think cardio workouts are boring. But what if you worked out on the Octane or step mill 20 times in the next 60 days?
  • Do only weight training and see what happens to your body.
  • Commit to 20 personal training sessions and see magic happen.

Let our challenges motivate you to think outside of your exercise box. This is a great opportunity to add an extra something to this latest challenge.  Any way you choose, complete the challenge and you’ll be rewarded.  

Looking to get in shape and have fun? The YWCA Health + Fitness Centre is a 30,000 square-foot co-ed fitness facility and pool located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We offer a friendly, supportive and health-focused environment, with the latest equipment, great group fitness classes and knowledgeable instructors.



Swim, Spin, Yoga, Dance,
20 in 20 or 60 in 20

So far 9 in 3 days
Keeping faithful to the commitment

Great work! Keep us posted!

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