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The art of community: Jacintha Krish's gift to YWCA Cause We Care House

When artist Jacintha Krish started planning her annual trip to Vancouver, she was inspired by the work of the YWCA and wanted to contribute. So she started working with the YWCA to plan an art show that would raise funds for low-income single mothers and their children.

The result is “Rhythm of My World,” a solo show at Havana Gallery in support of YWCA Cause We Care House, a safe, affordable housing community for single mothers and their children in the Strathcona/Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. This groundbreaking project will also house the area’s first full-service public library branch.

Jacintha’s daughter Chantelle Krish has been a part of the YWCA since 2011. Chantelle is the Associate Director of Advocacy and Communications, a role that continues an established family legacy of community work, which started in Sri Lanka.

There, Jacintha’s mother was a school teacher and active community volunteer, helping single mothers and providing meal programs out of her home. Giving back was a something she was deeply passionate about, Jacintha says. Her mother helped single mothers by teaching them to sew and gain economic independence.

“Our home was like a hostel. People were either staying with us or being fed,” Jacintha remembers. Her mother fed 25 people lunch once a week for several years. She also gave books to their children and packages of tea, and when she retired, used her sewing and gardening skills to make money that she would donate.

For Jacintha, Chantelle’s work at the YWCA is an extension of this tradition of helping others. When asked why the YWCA is a meaningful cause, Krish says, “because they do a lot of good work. The YWCA helps people that for whatever reason cannot help themselves at that time.”

Her mother shaped Jacintha’s life in another vital way: she convinced her father to send Jacintha to art lessons when she was a young girl, “It was not quite the thing to do because it wasn’t academic.” This sparked a lifelong love of art. Eventually, she embarked on a 25-year career in business administration, and being a mother of two left little time to cultivate her artistry.

But when a layoff 15 years ago gave her an opportunity to choose a new path, her daughters encouraged to pursue her art. While continuing her work as a professional, Jacintha took refresher art courses, and embarked on her new chapter as a painter. Today she is a full-time artist and art teacher.

“Rhythm of My World” showcases Jacintha’s passion for nature, performance and music — rendered in beautiful, bright colours. She works mainly with acrylics and complements her paints with ink, pastel crayons and other media such as sand and putty. She describes her style as“free and flowing. You could say it’s impressionistic.” Her solo show is named for how she views the world: “When I see things, it moves me. It inspires me to paint.”

From musicians and dancers performing, to quiet scenes from Algonquin Park and west coast cedar trees, Jacintha’s world is alive with movement and heart.

We hope you will join us for the opening reception of Rhythm of My World: May 15, 2016 (4-7pm) at Havana Restaurant (1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver | map it). The show runs at Havana from May 12-24, 2016; 15% of proceeds will support YWCA Cause We Care House.

To see more of Jacintha’s work, visit jacinthakrish.com.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Vanessa Wellington-Clark at vwellington@ywcavan.org or 604 895 5826.

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