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LEADS employment program supports survivors of violence


After leaving an abusive relationship, there may be long-lasting repercussions.

Women can experience a lack of confidence that results in months or even years of unemployment. Finding work is daunting at best; for some, the task of moving beyond survival and securing employment feels impossible.

WorkBC LEADS is a specialized program that breaks down the walls of isolation and silence for survivors of violence and/or abuse.

LEADS treats people as capable and experts of their own lives, provides guidance and support for its participants and a community that understands the trauma they have experienced. Over 12 weeks, participants learn to recognize, understand and overcome the impacts of abuse and begin the process of achieving economic independence. Group workshops support them to work through trauma caused by violence and abuse. Participants learn to stop “shaming and blaming” themselves and to recognize the coping skills they have developed over time.

LEADS offers an environment for every survivor to flourish and achieve success on their own terms, while giving them access to a wealth of supports through the YWCA’s WorkBC programs.

Clients who began the program struggling to leave the house are now beginning to look at achieving their financial and employment goals. As one client put it, “LEADS is exactly what I needed.”

Find out more about the LEADS Program.

LEADS is offered at various WorkBC Centres in Vancouver: 

WorkBC Centre North Vancouver: 604-335-1467

WorkBC Centre Vancouver South: 604-908-1227

WorkBC Centre Richmond: 778-732-1529 - ext. 111

WorkBC Centre Chilliwack: 778-860-5452 - ext.1209

WorkBC Centre Kelowna: 778-738-0225 - ext 1326

The Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia fund the Employment Program of BC. 


I am looking to gain employment however, I want to change careers and go back to school as a long-term goal for Nursing but I’ve been experiencing difficulties finding work. I manage to get the interviews but I’m not getting the jobs. I don’t want to work in my field (Child and Youth Work) due to mental health reasons and this could be why.

Hi Jade, if you haven't done so already, it would be a good idea to contact your local WorkBC employment centre. You can find your local one here: https://www.workbc.ca/Employment-Services/WorkBC-Centres.aspx
All the best.

Hi Jade, thanks so much for reaching out and apologies for the delayed response. Please feel free to give Erin a call at 604.908.1227 to see if LEADS could be for you. Chantal's suggestion above to contact your local WorkBC Centre is also great!

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