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Member Success Profile: Genevieve

During and after pregnancy, Genevieve turned to different methods of training to stay active as a competitive endurance athlete.

Member Since: 2010
Goal: Keeping active and staying fit
Advice: Embrace the challenge. Dream, but set achievable goals.

Fitness has always been part of Genevieve’s lifestyle. She used to swim competitively and now competes in triathlons and marathons. Being active was very important to Genevieve but when she got pregnant in 2014, she couldn’t race or train at the same calibre. It was challenging for her to keep in shape, especially when it came to balancing the training with prenatal and then post-partum care.

At that point, Genevieve realized she had to re-adjust her fitness goals to suit the needs of her body. She continued to compete but only in smaller and shorter races to keep herself motivated. She also kept her Pilates training with Fran and Fleur at the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre during and after her pregnancy. The Reformer training not only helped her bounce back after giving birth, it also made her a better athlete.

“I raced the Berlin marathon, and I raced my best time by 8 minutes. My son was 7 months old at the time.”

Today we see Genevieve utilizing all the different areas of the fitness centre to maximize her training. To her, convenience is key and with the vast array of training options, her inner competitive athlete is always challenged. “There’s the pool, there’s the spin bike, there’s the treadmill, there’s the weight room and there are classes…[The Health + Fitness Centre] really has made my life easier.”

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