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The value of employment programs: Skills Max


"Why would I invest my time in a 6-week program? I'm sure I can already get a minimum wage job in the service industry on my own." 

This is a valid question, and many job-seekers ask this before taking part in our employment programs. Skills Max, the YWCA's free 6-week youth employment and training program for hospitality and warehousing positions in Metro Vancouver, does more than help you get a job. Our team helps prepare youth for employment through workshops, job placements and financial supports – valuable experiences that help job-seekers on-the-job, and in the long run. 

Joining Skills Max is more beneficial than seeking out a job on your own:

Connecting to quality

Employers that will hire “off the street” often don’t provide good training, support or opportunities. If they're willing to hire you that quickly, they can fire and replace you just as fast. With Skills Max, we connect you with employers that will put time and effort into hiring practices, training—and you.

Keeping your job

Yeah, you could get a job tomorrow. But will you keep it? Do you find yourself bouncing from short-term job to short-term job? Our workshops will help you learn the skills to be a better team member and communicator, and how to keep your cool and keep your job—until you are ready to leave on your terms.

Tools to grow

Once you get your foot in the door, how do you keep moving? Ever felt stuck in a job that seemed to be going nowhere? We understand that an entry-level job in the hospitality industry may not be your ‘forever job’.  But we also get that it can be hard to move up within a company! We'll help you take that next step.

Sign up for Skills Max

Are you 15-29 years old? Unemployed? Not on EI? We're recruiting! Skills Max includes:

  • Employability workshops, including Career Pathways, in the hospitality and warehousing sectors
  • Banquet-serving training and job placement with major hotels and conferences; OR warehousing training, including forklift certification, St. John’s Ambulance Industrial First Aid, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and fall-protection training
  • Working with a placement specialist to be placed in the hospitality or warehousing sectors with quality, local employers
  • On-the-job and financial support

To register, contact:

Career Zone 
2nd floor - 1256 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

tel 604 605 4666

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