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This holiday season, we're simplifying gift-giving


As we approach another holiday season, many of us begin to feel the pressures this time of year can bring, especially around gift-giving. 

British Columbians report spending more than $900 during the 2015 holidays. You may think those on the receiving end would be delighted; except consumer polls tell us that the majority of people are unhappy with the gifts they receive

Many of us are now looking for alternatives to the gift-giving frenzy the holidays can be.

YWCA staff and volunteers notice another trend around the holidays: the stress felt by low-income single mothers who are struggling to provide for their children. For these moms, just getting food on the table is hard enough; many can’t manage gifts for their children. 

To minimize your holiday shopping stress and help low-income single mothers and their children, we’re happy to present Simplify the Season.

Honour someone special by giving to a vulnerable family in your community. No more busy shopping malls. No more novelty mugs, boxes of chocolate or bars of fancy soap.

Plus, you can choose from a very special wish list of items identified by low-income families in need. From groceries to gift vouchers for clothes, household items and toys, you can help make the holidays brighter for a single mother and her children. Plus, you can also select a holiday e-card to notify a loved one of your gift.

Give a gift that counts

Gifts start at $10 and are eligible for tax receipts. Here are just a few of the gifts you can choose from:

  • Groceries for a family in need: everything a family needs to put a healthy holiday dinner on the table, plus additional healthy essentials.
  • A day of family fun: help a low-income family bond, enjoy a nutritious meal and participate in a fun holiday activity.
  • Clothes and toys: gift certificates to the YWCA Thrift Shop for a low-income single mom who cannot afford basic necessities for herself and her children.

Mix and match gifts for YWCA families as you wish!

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