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International Women's Day Article Round Up


2017 started with a march.

With recent political disappoints in their minds, women and allies took to the streets in a historic protest that catapulted many issues that we face to the forefront of the public's awareness. In the criticism that followed the march, we saw the need for inclusion of all groups ring out, the need for all voices to be heard. We were reminded of women who resisted in the past  civil rights leaders, women in STEM, our mothers, our sisters, our friends. 

This International Women's Day we've gathered a few stories from around the world to highlight some of our triumphs and battles.

NY Times | 6 Women who are building bridges — not walls — with countries of conflict

Jezebel | Black Female Mathematicians 

Mother Jones | Hidden Half: Women in Afghanistan

Esquire UK | 12 Things about being a woman that women won't tell you

Huffington Post | 60 Stunning images of girls going to school around the globe

Huffington Post | 68 Exquisite photos of women resisting around the world

The New Yorker | The women's strike and the messy space of change

Metro News | Vancouver artists hold an 'edit-a-thon

Al Jazeera | Gaza's women of steel

Porter Novelli | Let your daughters talk back

Lenny Letters |​ Caretaking equals strength, not weakness

Teen Vogue | 10 Modern women to celebrate for international women's day

Vancouver Magazine | Supporting women beyond women's day

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