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Make a mother's day


Motherhood is a tough job.

It’s even harder when you’re a young mom trying to complete high school. Raising a child while trying to improve your future employment prospects is not an easy task, and with child care prices in Vancouver soaring, many young mothers forgo their education to provide for their child.

Teenage pregnancy is the number one leading reason that young women drop out of school. More than 50% of young mothers never graduate from high school, and less than 2% earn a college degree by the time they reach 30 years of age. Without education, young mothers are only able to achieve low-skill, low-wage employment, and without sustainable employment are more likely to end up low-income. Outside of the economic impact education has on a family, it is also a powerful tool for shaping societies. A young student in the PBS documentary “The Light in Her Eyes” frames this argument as:

If a mother never learns, how can she teach the next generation? A woman is a school. If you teach her, you teach a generation.

Statistics show that children who are born to teenage mothers are immediately placed at a greater risk of developing many physical, social, and behavioral problems. YWCA’s Emma’s Early Learning and Child Care Centre supports young mothers and their children by providing safe, enriching child care while they work towards finishing their education. As long as the mother is enrolled in the education program with Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, she has child care with Emma’s.

One mother was worried she would lose her place in the program and tried to return to school two weeks after giving birth. Emma’s reassured her that we had her space reserved, so she was able to take her time recovering before returning to school.
– Linda, Senior Child Care Educator

Knowing their child or children are safe and close at hand allows young mothers to focus on their education and improving the future of their family. Staff at Emma's work closely with Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School to ensure that both moms and their children are getting the best support we can give.

This year, skip the chocolates and make a mother’s day by supporting the young mothers at YWCA Emma’s Early Learning and Child Care Centre. 

You can choose to make a monthly gift of:

  • $5 to purchase diapers and formula for low-income mothers
  • $10 to purchase emergency supplies for the child care centre

Or you can make a one-time gift of:

  • $25 to provide development toys like science, technology, engineering and math toys
  • $75 to provide books and art supplies
  • $100 to help support food programs like daily breakfast, snacks and lunch
  • Another amount of your choice.

Click here to donate.



I have been having such a hard time with finding what to do for Mother’s Day this year. I found this blog online a while ago and they had some great ideas. I really liked the high tea place, it is such a cute place :D


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