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Canada Day 2017: Let's look to the future


This year, we at the YWCA would like you to set your sights on the next 150 years and on the youth in our country who will shape them.

It is important to build systems for them to explore, engage and flourish within their communities. YWCA Youth Education Programs and the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) provide youth with the opportunities to develop leadership and critical thinking skills that will help them navigate their worlds. The YAC provides members with the space and platform to explore their passions and have their voices be heard. Members of the committee motivate and empower each other to be catalysts of change. 

The Youth Advisory Council

Our Youth Advisory Council is a group of youth leaders who meet once a month to discuss issues in the media and society. Some of the issues the YAC covers are: gender representation and stereotyping in the media, hypermasculinity and the role of women in different fields – particularly science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The monthly YAC meetings culminate in an annual Youth Conference, a free event for high school students in the Lower Mainland. At the Youth Conference, the YAC leads workshops they’ve created based on their interests and discussions. Supporting youth to participate in a critical dialogue on media issues empowers them to be agents of change.

This Canada Day marks Canada 150+, and the Youth Advisory Council is interested in exploring how Indigenous peoples and youth are represented in the media and the impact this has on society. The conference on November 25 will also discuss ableism and privilege, minority representation in media and hypersexualization in media. You can read more about the Youth Advisory Council and the Youth Conference here.

The YWCA has a long history of working with Indigenous groups within the community and providing holistic, quality programs and services like the Circle of Sister Indigenous Mentorship Program and the Aboriginal Infant Development Program at Crabtree Corner Community Center. We are continually exploring the principles of Truth and Reconciliation and assessing how they can successfully be incorporated into a framework for our organization and programs.

Funding for the Youth Advisory Council and the Youth Conference is provided by the Government of Canada and community partner Methanex. 


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