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Another Year of Successful Matches


Life for a teenage girl is far from easy.

With conflicting roles for friends, family and school, it can be hard for teenagers to focus on where they want to go in the future. Mentoring can help young girls set goals, grow their skills and can set them up for a brighter future whatever shape that might take.

YWCA Metro Vancouver’s High School Mentorship program aims to match girls with mentors based on shared interests and the mentee’s career goals. Matches meet once each month to explore career options, make education and training plans, gain new life experience and attend workshops.

My mentor opened up a world that I never believe existed and the possibility of a life of fulfillment and happiness that I now believe more and more that I can have. I am so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to be in this program. The experience is unexpected. Thank you so much. This program has truly changed my life.

June marked the end of our last cohort of matches and many thank you notes were received. Outside the direct and clear benefits to the mentee, a mentor is able to gain valuable insight that can help their future growth as well. 


Mentoring was the highlight of 2016 for me! I enjoyed contributing to the growth and development of mentee, but in general, I was grateful to be part of a community uplifting the next generation of female leaders.

The process of sharing their skills, knowledge and experience help mentors take a personal inventory of their career, as well as improve their communication and leadership skills. Mentors can identify their strengths and where they might need some more work when explaining their position or industry to their mentee.

It has been hugely inspiring to interact with my mentee... she is an inspiration to me, personally. Professionally, it has created new connections for me as I investigated opportunities to find work experience for her. Having a mentor allowed me to develop leadership and mentorship skills that I will use as I progress through my career.

Mentorship programs are great places to network with other professional women who share common interests. The workshops offered in the program provide valuable training on topics like stress, conflict resolution in the workplace and time management skills. Mentorship is also a wonderful addition to anyone’s resume, showing that students can commit to professional relationships and that professionals are engaged with their community.

The program starts again this September. Learn more about our High School Mentorship program or contact Tessa Russel directly at trussel@ywcavan.org | 604 895 5846

YWCA Highschool Mentorship program is made possible with funding from BC Gaming and BC Hydro. If you would like to support the program with a donation, click here or contact Kathy Lilyholm at klilyholm@ywcavan.org | 604 895 5851

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