YWCA Transitional Housing Helps Women Live Free from Violence

YWCA Transitional Housing Helps Women Live Free from Violence

by Sam Wink

For women leaving abuse, having a safe place to go is vital. Otherwise, many women often become trapped in abusive relationships or face homelessness.

Second-stage transitional housing offers a solution to the housing challenges faced by women fleeing abuse. It offers specialized housing for women who have experienced abuse so they can begin to re‑build their lives and live free from violence. YWCA Munroe House became the first second-stage house in Canada in 1979 and continues to serve women in the community. What makes Munroe House so effective is that in addition to safe, affordable housing, women can access a range of YWCA services that foster a stable transition to safety and personal independence. These include legal education, PEACE program for children and youth who witness abuse and support to find permanent housing and child care.

Residents are welcome to stay for up to eight months. When they leave, they are encouraged to return for ongoing support.

I came to Munroe House during a very difficult time in my life. I was pregnant and the father of my child was abusive, but not having any other options or financial means, if it had not been for Munroe House, I am terrified to think of what might have happened to me and my daughter and the baby I am carrying. I felt desperate and trapped and Munroe House offered me a way out, a safe place for my family and the support I need to heal and move forward. Coming to Munroe House has saved and changed my life. – YWCA Munroe House resident

On average in Canada, 75% of women who leave their abusive partners eventually return to them. There are numerous reasons why women return: lack of housing, financial insecurity, emotional attachment and fear of the unknown are just a few. At Munroe House, the rate of return is significantly lower, in part because of the additional supports women receive when they move in.

When we remove the barrier of finding safe, affordable housing, it become much easier for women to take the first step of leaving.

To donate to Munroe House, please contact donations@ywcavan.org | 604 895 5850

To learn more about YWCA Violence Prevention and Housing programs contact Lisa Rupert at lrupert@ywcavan.org | 604 734 5722

If you have experienced abuse and violence, please visit our Violence Prevention Services page.