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How YWCA Youth Help the Community


Serving the community is an amazing way to help youth discover their leadership potential. In the YWCA Youth Education Programs, one of the ways youth can develop their leadership is through community service, where students spend time brainstorming, planning and delivering a project to contribute to their local community.

The community service project gives youth an opportunity to be responsible for something that they create and organize. As mentors, we teach them about teamwork, communication and active listening. We help them realize that community service can be something as small as putting kind notes on lockers, playing games at a senior center or raising money for non-profits and charities.

This fall, YWCA youth in Surrey decided to sell hot chocolate to raise money for BC Children's Hospital. We walked to a local shopping complex and split into three groups: one stayed at a table and the others walked around in order to reach as many people as possible. The youth’s excitement was evident in every conversation; they were proud to be doing something for the community that they had come up with on their own. It was incredible to see their leadership and social skills at their full potential when the youth were engaged with their community.

Through their community service project, YWCA youth in Surrey raised over $100 for the hospital. They were proud of all that they had accomplished and realized how easy it is to help others in their community. Discovering that they have the power to influence lives in positive, the youth said they would continue to serve the community, whether through clubs in high school, after school activities or on their own time.

Being a part of a program that teaches youth valuable lessons and benefits the community is amazing. If you want to be a part of the incredible work the YWCA is doing to inspire local youth, contact Adam Butz at abutz@ywcanvan.org | 604 895 5779

Rachael Jones is a mentor and practicum student for the YWCA Youth Education Programs.

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