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Member Success Profile: Susan

Susan first joined the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre 11 years ago on her journey to quit smoking. The membership was a reward to herself for making a conscious effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and it quickly became part of her regular routine. For 9 years Susan would visit the facility five days a week before work with the 6 o’clock crowd.

Four years ago Susan collapsed and shortly after she was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. Determined not to let arthritis slow her down, she began researching the disease and discovered the importance of building muscle to keep her bones strong. She started seeing  a personal trainer two times per week. Greg worked with Susan to create a weight training program and options for low impact cardio. Susan had never been on a weight machine before coming to the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre, now she knows how to use them all and feels strong and fit at 71 years old. 

Today Susan is in the gym seven days a week and continues to build muscle, improve her fitness and feel good. Some of her favourite activities are weight training and interval training on the stationary bike. Her dedication to health and fitness allow her to continue doing the things she loves, such as travelling with her husband and seeing new things. The YWCA Health +Fitness Centre is much more than a gym for Susan, it is a community that offers her social connectedness and friendship. 

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