• 7 Steps to Achieve Your 2019 Fitness Goals

7 Steps to Achieve Your 2019 Fitness Goals

As the new year begins, we all feel the urge to buckle down and get into a rhythm. Riding the wave of motivation in January makes it easy to get started on a new fitness routine.

Every goal starts in your imagination. Whether you want to lose the extra pounds gained over the holidays, have more energy, or run a half-marathon, it’s essential to have a plan so you don’t abandon your goal before January is over. Here is a seven-step recipe for success.

1. Add a timeframe.

By setting a deadline, you provide yourself with an end to your means.

2. Be specific.

How often will you work out? What activities will you do, for how long?

3. Take action and turn your goal into reality.

Maybe this is the year you will push yourself to excel. Consider a few sessions with a trainer to coach you to get there.

4. Sprinkle in some motivation and inspiration.

Some people love to talk about their goals with others so that it will hold them accountable and motivated. Some people don’t tell anyone, they just get to it make it happen. Both work!

5. Round out your workouts with healthy eating.

By simply eating more whole unprocessed food you will get the nutrients and energy your body needs for a workout. Feed your muscles and your brain, and don’t forget to hydrate.

6. Try different activities and maybe some new workout friends.

Already in a routine? Maybe this is the year to expand your fitness. Learn a new skill like dancing or swimming. Invite a friend or two to join you, and motivate each other to keep going.

7. Track your progress.

Keep a journal to track your workouts and outcomes. Maybe a new fitness tracker to track your movement?


It’ll take commitment and some perspiration, but in the end, try not to make it too complicated. Ride the wave and you’ll be sitting on top of the world!

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