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Mimi Vu

Like many people, Aurora found that the biggest challenge to making a lifestyle change, especially with regard to health and fitness, was just getting started. She discovered that getting the right support and guidance is key to creating change, and sticking to it!

Having dealt with a hip displacement that nagged her for years, along with frequent lower back pain, Aurora was no stranger to various physical therapies. When she joined the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre in 2016, she wanted to learn Pilates as it had been on her bucket list for years. As she explored the various Pilates options, she was amazed at the variety of programming and the quality of instructors and trainers. Today, she credits the YWCA’s Pilates training for fully resolving her hip displacement and back pain.

Our Pilates Studio and programming are always evolving. What started off as Pilates mat classes on the schedule has now branched into small group training and private sessions on the reformer. Recently the Pilates Reformer Cadillac Trapeze has been added to the mix to further enhance participants’ training and development.

Instructors like Fleur and Monique will tell you that the list of health benefits from Pilates is long and includes increased muscle strength and tone, and improved concentration, flexibility, posture, coordination and balance. Not to mention the rehabilitation and prevention of joint, spine and/or musculoskeletal injuries, as seen in Aurora’s success story.

The really great thing about Pilates is that it is suitable for people of all ages, body types and levels, from beginner to advanced. To get the full benefits, Fleur suggests practicing Pilates at least two to three times per week, and one can expect to see improvements in posture after only 10 to 20 sessions. Aurora will tell you that at 50 years old, she now feels stronger and fitter than at any other time in her life thanks to the Pilates training at the YWCA. It’s no surprise to us that the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre was voted one of Vancouver’s best Pilates Studios in the Georgia Straight

If you’re curious about Pilates training at the YWCA Health + Fitness Centre, visit us or connect with Fleur Palliardi at 604 895 5762 | fpalliardi@ywcavan.org    


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