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YWCA Housing Update | Fall 2019


Celebrating 40 years, a grand opening & a new housing community

YWCA Metro Vancouver continues to seek partnerships to provide more housing for single mothers and their children. And while we have much work to do, we have many successes to celebrate, too. This year marks the 40th anniversary of YWCA Munroe House, Canada’s first second-stage transition house; we are also excited to announce a new project at Arbutus Centre and the coming opening of YWCA Pacific Spirit Terrace.

Significant barriers

For many single mothers, finding safe, affordable housing remains a significant barrier that leaves them unable to plan for their futures. This is particularly challenging in Metro Vancouver, where market rents are beyond the reach of many.   
“I am on every waitlist,” said Andrea, a YWCA program participant. “As a working single mom, I am running out of options.” The waitlist for YWCA housing is currently over 1,200 applicants. 

YWCA Pacific Spirit Terrace grand opening 

We will soon be opening the doors to YWCA Pacific Spirit Terrace!
Partnering with the City of Vancouver, this innovative housing community will provide 31 new units for single mothers and their children above the new Vancouver Fire Hall No. 5 in Champlain Heights. 
This Vancouver neighbourhood is perfect for families, with elementary schools, grocery stores and a community centre within walking distance.
YWCA Pacific Spirit Terrace would not be possible without the generous support of the Government of Canada - Homelessness Partnering Strategy, The Province of BC - BC Housing, The City of Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Foundation, Streetohome Foundation, MariaMarina Foundation and other generous donors.

Announcing new housing at Arbutus Centre

The YWCA is excited to announce a new project at Arbutus Centre. We will be working together with Tikva Housing Society and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC as delivery partners to operate 125 units of social housing, 32 of which will be for single mothers and their children. Construction is underway with expected completion in summer 2020.

YWCA St. Georges

Construction at YWCA St. Georges is well underway with expected completion in January 2021. This partnership with Chard Development Ltd. will provide 14 units of affordable housing in the City of North Vancouver. We have raised  $5,262,247 of our $6,436,534 capital and endowment campaign. 

For more information on new YWCA housing developments or to make a donation, contact Brenda Ulmer at bulmer@ywcavan.org | 604 895 5764.

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