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YWCA Music Programs


Moms make melodies and memories with their babies

Music has the ability to transform lives and connect people. “Music can change the world,” Beethoven said. But for single moms, setting aside music time with their babies is not always possible.

YWCA Metro Vancouver offers two very special music programs for single moms and their children, to help build bonds and create a little bit of musical magic.

Music Together

Piloted in fall 2018, the YWCA Music Together Program is a weekly mother-child activity group that connects families through music at YWCA Crabtree Corner Community Resource Centre. Taught by a certified music instructor from Westside Music Together music school, the program is both structured and supervised, playful and fun.

Activities are inclusive and suit children of diverse ages and abilities. Each week, 12 families come together to participate in activities such as singing, instrumentation, music-listening, improvisation, dance and movement. The YWCA is currently looking for passionate donors interested in contributing funding needed for the program to continue.

Lullaby Project

We are also beginning a new session of the YWCA Lullaby Project, a program based on research regarding attachment and early childhood development that originated at Carnegie Hall and is led by Laura Barron, Executive Director of Instruments of Change.

Participants, who are single moms of children under 18 months old, are paired up with a musician and sessions begin by moms describing their babies. After several collaborative meetings, a lullaby begins to take shape with it set it to music and professionally recorded. The program culminates with a performance for family and friends at Tom Lee Music. 

Beautiful songs like “Sail Away With Me,” and “Days With You” are the result of the process and participants are able to keep a recording of their songs and have these specialized and beautiful gifts for their children. This year we have six moms from our housing communities participating.  

If you are interested in supporting music programs at Crabtree Corner, please contact Danielle Rana at 604 895 5766 | drana@ywcavan.org.

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