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How LEADS Can Support Survivors of Violence and/or Abuse on their Journey to Economic Independence


Where we start from, within ourselves, matters. It’s our foundation; affecting how we respond when things get challenging, our confidence level in our abilities and shapes everything from our communication to the choices that we make. For individuals who have experienced violence and/or abuse, being supported in strengthening this foundation can be vital in moving forward, towards economic independence – that’s where LEADS comes in.

LEADS is an employment service especially for survivors of trauma, delivered by WorkBC Centres across Metro Vancouver. It’s a trauma-informed, resilience-based approach that prepares participants for the workforce by offering them a safe environment to explore how to bounce back in life.

At LEADS, we understand the journey survivors face when they are overcoming experiences that have tested their resilience and ability to confidently return to work. As we focus on your natural well-being, you’ll be able to uncover your internal resources and create positive and sustainable changes in your life. With our one-to-one sessions, online group workshops, community resources information and the support of our Career Advisors, LEADS will help you create a fresh start to living with more confidence to pursue your employment goals.

“In weeks, LEADS has helped me rise above problems I've had for years. It's helped dissolve my fear and anxiety, given me an empowering framework for positive thinking and self-management, and provided a mentor I look up to and peer group I can relate to and journey with. I count it as one of my luckiest days ever, the day I found LEADS. Thank you.” - LEADS program participant

This testimonial demonstrates what’s possible when we realize our natural ability to move from feeling insecure to living with greater clarity and confidence. Through LEADS, you’ll discover what’s holding you back and how to transform these challenges into productive goals - moving you towards economic independence, one small step at a time.

Where are you starting from?

LEADS is currently accepting referrals for its North Vancouver intake beginning on August 4, 2020, and is holding an online info session on July 22 for those who are interested in learning more. The program will be delivered fully online, meaning it can be accessed at home, with just a computer/tablet/phone and internet connection. To find out more, contact Quinn at qcashion@ywcavan.org or (604) 335-1467.

Quinn Cashion is a LEADS facilitator and Career Advisor specializing in trauma.

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