The Next 125 Ambassador, Lis Welch

The Next 125 Ambassador, Lis Welch

What is your favourite thing about the YWCA? What area of the organization’s work is most important to you? 

For me, there is no one favourite aspect.  I am forever drawn to the multi-faceted and visionary reach: recognition of and celebrating female excellence through the long-established Women of Distinction Awards; a decades-long, life-altering presence in the Downtown Eastside; sheltering women from violence; empowering girls and young women; the impact of fitness; a voice regarding child care and other issues and yes, the entrepreneurial aspect of operating a hotel. 

What drew you in to the YWCA? 

Countless years ago, I was drawn to the location—rather than to the organization—by a certain dance course on offer. Then I discovered so much else and have never “left.”  

What value does the YWCA hold for future generations? 

A great aspect of the YWCA Metro Vancouver is that there is a finger on the pulse of society and often a visionary view.   Thus, whatever are the issues that face future generations, the YWCA will have adapted and thus remain relevant and important. 

Why are you committed to The Next 125 and what does involvement in this initiative mean to you? 

The Metro Vancouver YWCA was pivotal to much of the life success that followed my introduction to the organization, so it is easy to be an advocate.     

There are so many worthwhile organizations—many, long-established—and causes ranging from health to education that one could easily be torn. However, what the YWCA Metro Vancouver offers is support and endorsement in so great a variety of issues that by supporting the organization one is supporting societal change. Also, the very fact that the YWCA Metro Vancouver has continued to grow, diversify and maintain its stature and respect through the first 125 years is testament in itself. 

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