Two women working together

Sister Circle Connect: Celebrating Connections

Friday, December 16, 2022

One of the barriers single mothers face is a break in their education or career, as they balance the demands of child-rearing alone. That gap in their resume or postponement of school can have detrimental effects on their ability to find a job, or negatively impact their confidence – not to mention the stress of added financial pressures from childcare.  

To meet single mothers where they’re at, and give them the support they need to get back into the workforce or education, we created the YWCA Employment Navigator program. It is a program that offers pre-employment, employment and bursary assistance for single moms in the Metro Vancouver area. Together with the Employment Navigator, participants develop a roadmap and action plan to achieve economic independence. 

The program offers continuous intake and hosts a number of events on wellness, self-care and personal development throughout the year to foster connection between participants and generate a support network and sense of community.

One of those social events was the Sister Circle Connect on December 8th, which was a holiday-themed party that welcomed 16 women and their children for a chance to meet in person and ring in the holidays with people who could relate to their lived experiences. These events are not only a great opportunity to offer support and friendship to one another but are also a chance to network and exchange ideas. 

Sister Circle Connect - Holiday Party.jpg
Our Employment Navigator, Mabel (centre) and program participants during the Sister Circle connect on December 8th, 2022.


Visit the Employment Navigator program webpage to learn more about their one-to-one support, next events and how to be part of the Sister Circle community.