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The Power of Personal and Professional Development: Brandi’s Story with YWCA Employment Navigator

Investing in further education can be a transformative step towards improving one’s career opportunities and securing a stable future. Whether it's through a four-year college degree, a certification program, or online courses, individuals are seeking knowledge and experience to provide them with a competitive edge to succeed in today’s job market.  

Frustrated with her long hours and low pay as an Education Assistant, Brandi decided she needed to change her situation and expand her career options. This required obtaining further education, but she was a single mother of small children and working two additional jobs just to cover her cost of living. Having previously completed a Bachelor's degree and enjoyed the educational process, Brandi knew she would do well in another higher-education course, so she decided to take the plunge and apply. 

Brandi was initially accepted into the program but soon realized that she didn’t qualify for student loans and wouldn’t be able to pay the fees. “When I was accepted into the program, I faced more challenges in trying to figure out how to pay for my schooling. The program was an intensive 10-month program where working, even part-time, was not encouraged. I knew that I needed to focus my time and energy on my degree and I wouldn’t be able to do this without financial support.” 

Time and money were two resources she lacked, so she reached out to the YWCA Employment Navigator program to inquire about help funding her schooling, so she could focus on her learning and not on working three jobs. “I met with an employment navigator several times to discuss my personal goals and she helped me create an action plan to help make my dreams become a reality,” said Brandi. 

After joining the program, Brandi received the guidance she needed to write her applications for universities and was able to secure $12,000 towards her education with the YWCA Futures Scholarship. Bursary applications can be daunting, but the Employment Navigator team is equipped to help program participants tackle this complex process.  

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Fraser Valley, Brandi’s goal is to become an elementary school teacher. She is excited to be fulfilling her potential and to have more time with her children once school is complete. "I feel like I have an enormous weight lifted off me. I can finally take a breath of fresh air and focus on completing my studies.” 

At first, the idea of juggling work, school and motherhood was anxiety-inducing, but with the bursary and support from the Employment Navigator team, Brandi is excited for what’s to come. “Every day I felt anxious and uncertain about my future and wondered if I would have to withdraw from my program due to financial barriers. I now feel confident that I will reach my goals. I know that things are looking up and that my future is bright." 


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