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Bridging the Gap: Amanda's Success Story

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

In a world where job market demands are constantly evolving, individuals often face obstacles when trying to re-enter the workforce after an extended break. Amanda*, a former participant of the YWCA Survive to Thrive program, recently shared her inspiring story of personal growth and empowerment. Through the program's specialized group work and one-to-one support, Amanda overcame her fears, gained confidence, and took meaningful steps toward rebuilding her career.  


Amanda's main concerns were the gaps on her resume and the lack of references due to her time away from full-time employment. These factors severely impacted her confidence and hindered her from pursuing new job opportunities. Recognizing that she needed assistance, Amanda reached out to YWCA Survive to Thrive. She was pleased to discover that the program offered personalized support tailored to her needs as a survivor of abuse. 

Throughout her participation in the program, Amanda found the confidence to put herself out there and pursue networking opportunities and job applications. The workshops and personalized support and feedback she received during her one-to-one sessions played a pivotal role in boosting her self-assurance. Along with providing Amanda with practical employment readiness tools the Survive to Thrive team provided her with confidence in her own abilities acknowledging her  communication skills, writing ability and overall presentation. This program further solidified Amanda’s belief in her own capabilities. The newfound confidence became the driving force behind Amanda's decision to actively seek out employment opportunities once again. 

Taking the program's advice to heart, Amanda commenced her volunteering journey, which provided her with a structured routine and specific tasks. This experience gave her a sense of purpose and reignited her passion for her career choice. With renewed enthusiasm, Amanda now feels confident enough to embark on the next step: actively applying for jobs. She eagerly anticipates returning to a regular schedule and embracing the busyness that comes with it. 


Learn more about the program, visit: YWCA Survive to Thrive page. 


* Name changed to protect privacy