Boys at Crabtree Corner
Programs & Services

Resources for Children

Crabtree Corner offers programs that support children’s development and that help them prepare to enter school. 

Crabtree Corner Early Learning and Child Care Centre provides free, licensed, short-term early learning and care for children, available by booking. Other programs are designed to encourage literacy, developmental growth and family connection. 

Child Care

Crabtree Corner Early Learning and Child Care Centre provides free, licensed, short-term early learning and care for children, available by booking. There is space for up to 24 children from aged six weeks to their sixth birthday, for up to 72 hours a month. 

Includes outdoor play space, disposable diapers, morning and afternoon snacks, including a hot lunch with milk, blankets and cribs for naps and field trips for preschool-aged children. There is space for stroller storage. 


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  


Reservations for the following week are taken by phone only, each Wednesday.

Please call 604 216 1655 between 1:00pm-1:30pm to reserve your child’s spot. After 1:30pm, please call 604 216 1650. 

Books, Bags and Babies

Books, Bags and Babies is an early literacy program that welcomes caregivers and children.

It incorporates Indigenous storytelling, crafts and cultural teachings to encourage early childhood literacy and strengthen family bonds.  


8-10 Thursday sessions a cycle, two cycles a year. 


For more information, contact:

Nicole Smith at | 604 216 1674 (will be checked every other week)

or Yoshiko Carpio at | 604 216 1658

Music Together

Music Together is a weekly mother and child activity group that connects families through music. Activities are inclusive and suit children of diverse ages and abilities.

Each week, 12 families come together to sing, learn to play instruments, listen to music and dance.  

Winter, spring and summer term will be held online. 


For more information, contact:

Sarahi Ramirez | 604 216 1667 (will be checked every other week). 

FASD Key Worker

The FASD Key Worker provides support for families and children who have been diagnosed with, or show signs of experiencing, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder or similar neurological conditions.

The FASD Key Worker assists in developing strategies for supporting children and youth at various developmental stages, helps families maintain and enhance stability and provides advocacy, outreach and educational workshops.


For more information, contact: 


Wanda Pelletier | 604 761 2942 

or April Beaver | 604 454 8661

AIDP Consultants

The Aboriginal Infant Development Worker provides support to Indigenous families whose children may be at risk of or have been diagnosed with a developmental delay.

The program is family-centred and provides culturally appropriate support services to Indigenous families with children under six years. 

The program is delivered year-round on an ongoing basis. 


For more information, contact:

Nicole Smith | 604 216 1674 (will be checked every other week) 

or Yoshiko Carpio | 604 216 1658