YWCA xʷƛ̓əpicən
Housing Location

YWCA xʷƛ̓əpicən


Status: waitlist open

Address: 4105 Arbutus Street, Vancouver 

xʷƛ̓əpicən on Vancouver’s west side offers 125 units of affordable homes for residents on low and moderate incomes.  

xʷƛ̓əpicən is operated through an innovative partnership between YWCA Metro Vancouver, Tikva Housing Society and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC. 

YWCA Metro Vancouver operates 32 of the units, designated as safe, affordable housing for single mothers and their dependent children (25 two-bedroom units, 7 three-bedroom units). 

For questions about YWCA’s housing community, email propertyservicesassistant@ywcavan.org.

Rental information:  

Rent is both geared to income and  predetermined rent.  

We give thanks to the the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Indian Band who gifted the name xʷƛ̓əpicən to the project. xʷƛ̓əpicən means 'below the ridge' or 'a hollow', referring to the housing site's low-lying location below the Arbutus Ridge and also because a hollow is a safe and cozy place where people would gather. 

Hear the pronunciation of xʷƛ̓əpicən, from xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Indian Band Elder and Cultural Advisor, Larry Grant:

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  • To be eligible for all YWCA xʷƛ̓əpicən rent geared to income housing, residents must submit financial documents annually and the income limit of their family must not exceed the Housing Income Limits. (Please note that this varies by community.)  

  • You are a single mother who can live independently (with minimal supports).  

  • You are a single mother with dependent children.  
    “Dependent” is defined as a child under 19 years of age, or a child of any age who, because of mental or physical infirmity, is accepted as a dependent for income tax purposes; or a child under 25 years of age and in full-time attendance at a college, university, or vocational institution which provides a recognized diploma, certificate or degree.  “Full-time attendance” is defined as enrolment in the minimum number of credit courses specified by the institution to constitute full-time, enrolment in a minimum 15 hours of classroom instruction per week, or enrolment in 9 credits in each school term.  

  • You have one or more children in your care at least 40% of the time.  

  • You have reliable and positive previous housing references.  

  • Your admission to our housing community will not endanger the welfare and safety of other residents.  

For More Information 

Yasmin B., Property Services Assistant  


Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Rent Geared to Income

Rent geared to income refers to subsidized long-term housing. Tenant Rent Contribution (rent) is calculated on a rent geared to income basis (30% of household total gross income, subject to minimum rent, or income assistance shelter portion). There is no minimum income limit, but there are maximum income limits set for the housing units.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for all rent geared to income YWCA Housing, your total annual family income must not exceed the established Housing Income Limits.


The 2019 Limits are:

Number of bedrooms Maximum income per year

a) Two

$ 69,000
b) Three $ 80,000
c) Four $ 88,500


Apply for Rent Geared to Income Housing

Predetermined Rent

Predetermined Rent refers to long-term housing with rent set at an amount below the average market rent for the community. Applicants and tenants have to fall between the minimum and maximum income limits set for the housing units.  The minimum and maximum limits vary by community. 


Please refer to the housing community pages listed below for their requirements: 



Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Two $ 36,540 $ 69,000
b) Three $ 42,840 $ 80,000

Como Lake Mews

Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Two $ 27,000 $ 69,000
b) Three $ 30,000 $ 80,000

May Brown Place

Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Two $ 35,640 $ 69,000
b) Three $ 40,320 $ 80,000

Pacific Spirit Terrace 

Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Two $ 35,000 $ 69,000
b) Three $ 42,000 $ 80,000

Moiz and Nadia Place

Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Bachelor No minimum $ 40,286
b) One No minimum $ 44,472
c) Two $ 36,864 $ 54,413
d) Three $ 42,984 $ 67,493

Apply for Predetermined Rent Housing

Policies, guidelines, the fine print
  • YWCA Housing is for women and their dependent children only. Tenants may have up to 14 days per year for overnight guest stays; 

  • Tenant insurance is required.

  • Tenants are required to submit financial information annually for rent review and/or to ensure that they are still financially qualified for YWCA Housing.

  • It is family housing and there will be family noise. Many of our buildings are wood frame, and tenants may hear their neighbours, particularly children playing and babies crying.  Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am. 

  • Designated parking spaces are first come, first serve. There is not enough parking for each unit to have a spot. Tenants must already have a registered and insured car to apply for a parking spot. 

  • YWCA Housing is smoke-free. Smoking or vaping of any substances (cigarettes, cannabis, etc.) is not permitted in units or in the common areas of the buildings. 

  • Our housing communities are pet friendly and there will be pets in the building. The YWCA Pet Policy allows tenants to have up to two birds OR up to two small caged mammals OR up to one 10-gallon tank of fish OR by application up to one cat OR one dog. 

  • Repair requests and Tenant complaints must be submitted online to the YWCA Tenant Portal.