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YWCA Holiday Giving Programs

Simplify the Season

Simplify the Season is an easy way to donate directly to families in need. Each holiday season you can provide essentials such as groceries, clothing, parental support and childcare supplies for single mothers and their children across Metro Vancouver through the following programs:

  • YWCA Crabtree Corner Hot Lunch Program
  • YWCA Crabtree Corner Books, Bags and Babies
  • YWCA Semlin Gardens Housing
  • Dress for Dignity (through the YWCA Thrift Store)
  • YWCA Crabtree Corner Early Learning & Childcare Centre
  • Emergency food vouchers
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For more information, contact Alexandra DuBelko at 604 895 5763 | adubelko@ywcavan.org


Sponsor a low-income family through the YWCA Presents of Peace holiday hamper program. Families participate in one or more of YWCA’s support programs and housing throughout the Lower Mainland.

“Being a POP sponsor is the highlight of our holiday season. When we got to our family’s door the little girl said my Santa's here!"

- Presents of Peace Sponsor

“I have no words to express my gratitude for such a wonderful time and amazing gifts that we had yesterday. Our sponsor Jen is an extraordinary person! She is so loving and caring with us! One more time, thank you so much!”

- Program participant, YWCA Single Mothers Support Group

Sponsor a family
For more information about Presents of Peace, contact Alice Russell at 604 895 5828 | arussell@ywcavan.org