Support for single moms

Single moms are the poorest of any family type in BC — half of single mother-led families are living in poverty. 

Single mothers face barriers to safe, affordable housing and are the most likely people in our community to go hungry.

We know that BC has one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada: one in every two kids of single moms in BC is poor.

But research tells us that single moms aren’t living in poverty because of poor personal choices. They are disadvantaged because of a combination of factors, including:

  • Lack of quality, affordable child care
  • Lack of safe, affordable housing
  • Low minimum-wage
  • Reduction of funding for education and supports
  • Challenges of lone-parenthood
  • Experiences with violent and abusive ex-partners 

At the YWCA, we have a special role to play in advocating on behalf of single mothers. Through individual and group support we help to reduce the barriers single moms face so they can achieve economic independence.