Crabtree Corner

Celebrating a $4.25M Anonymous Donation

by Amy Juschka

Communities are made stronger by those who care about improving the lives of others. The YWCA is honoured to announce a $4.25M contribution from an anonymous donor - the largest donation in our history.

We are moved by this extraordinary generosity, which will have an impact for years to come and contribute to The Next 125, our recently launched 125th anniversary campaign to raise $10M.

The donor shared their desire to make an impact:

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life and make a lasting difference in our community. Our primary focus is to support and advance the social, physical and intellectual well-being of children and families.

A Visionary Gift

Philanthropy is often defined as the love of humankind. This gift demonstrates care for others–for single mothers and children, women and children living in poverty and women and children living free from violence.

As part of The Next 125, this donation will support:

An Extraordinary Match

Double the impact of your gift. For new and increased donations to The Next 125, gifts will be matched up to $1M through funding from this donor. We are grateful for their leadership and for this incredible opportunity. Contact us for more details.

A Bold Dream

Now more than ever, marginalized single mothers and children need the arms of their community. We are incredibly grateful to this donor for their kind-hearted legacy to the community.

With inspired supporters like them and you, we can write a brighter story. For a single mother, for her children, for the future.

Together, change is possible.

For more information on The Next 125 or YWCA programs, please contact Brenda Ulmer at 604 895 5764 | Options for group donations, legacy giving and pledges are available.