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How to apply and eligibility

Before You Begin Your Application

Please review the frequently asked questions and gather the following information:

  • Full name and date of birth of any child who will live with you at least 40% of the time
  • Addresses and landlord information for all of the places you have lived over the past 5 years
  • Monthly gross family income
  • The value of any assets you may have (including bank accounts, RRSPs, investments, real estate, etc.)


YWCA Housing Types

YWCA Metro Vancouver operates a range of housing for single mothers and their children across Metro Vancouver.

There are two types of housing that we offer: 1. Rent Geared to Income and 2. Predetermined Rent.

  1. Rent Geared to Income is subsidized long-term housing. Tenant Rent Contribution (rent) is calculated on a rent geared to income basis (30% of household total gross income, subject to minimum rent, or income assistance shelter portion). There is no minimum income limit, but there are maximum income limits set for the housing units.
  2. Predetermined Rent is long term housing with rent fixed at an amount below the average market rent for the community. (There may be annual increases to the housing charge.) Applicants and tenants have to fall between the minimum and maximum income limits set for the housing units.

Currently, there are no vacancies, but we are always accepting applications for our waitlist. 
Please carefully read the eligibility criteria below to determine whether to apply to Rent Geared to Income and/or Predetermined Rent housing.


Eligibility for YWCA Housing

Tenant qualification criteria for both YWCA Rent Geared to Income and YWCA Predetermined Rent housing includes, but is not limited to:

  1. You are a single mother who can live independently (with minimal supports).
  2. You are a single mother with dependent children. “Dependent” is defined as a child under 19 years of age, or a child of any age who, because of mental or physical infirmity, is accepted as a dependent for income tax purposes; or a child under 25 years of age and in full-time attendance at a college, university, or vocational institution which provides a recognized diploma, certificate or degree.  “Full-time attendance” is defined as enrolment in the minimum number of credit courses specified by the institution to constitute full-time, enrolment in a minimum 15 hours of classroom instruction per week, or enrolment in 9 credits in each school term.
  3. One or more children in your care at least 40% of the time.
  4. Have reliable and positive previous housing references.
  5. Your admission to our housing development will not endanger the welfare and safety of other tenants.


Eligibility Criteria: Rent Geared to Income 

To be eligible for all YWCA Rent Geared to Income housing, the income limit of your family must not exceed the established Housing Income Limits.

The 2019 Limits are:

Number of bedroom Maximum income per year
a) Two $63,000
b) Three $73,500
c) Four $83,500



Eligibility Criteria: Predetermined Rent 

To be eligible for YWCA Predetermined Rent housing, your family income will need to fall between within the established Gross housing income limits (please note that this varies by site based on the Housing Charge amount at that site.)

The 2019 Limits are:

Como Lake Mews
Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Two $27,000 $63,000
b) Three $30,000 $73,500
Pacific Spirit Terrace
Number of bedrooms Minimum income per year Maximum income (HILs)
a) Two $35,000 $63,000
b) Three $42,000 $73,500



Contact us at:

Vittoria Black, Property Services Assistant 
tel 604 282 3113   fax 604 879 7120
Office Hours: Tuesday and Fridays

Crisis and transition resources

Our Stopping the Violence brochure lists transition houses, crisis lines, and other support organizations for women leaving abuse.