• YWCA Women of Distinction Awards 2018

Nominations for the 2021 Women of Distinction Awards presented by Scotiabank are now open and will close on January 15th, 2021 at 5:00pm.

Do you know a woman whose outstanding achievements contribute to the well-being and future of Metro Vancouver? Do you know a business that supports the wellness and diverse needs of its employees?

Support the people and organizations that are making a difference across Metro Vancouver by nominating a woman or workplace for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award.

Nominating a woman or organization that you admire is easier than you think. View our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions.

We strongly encourage nominations that recognize the contributions of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, as well as LGBTQ2S+ individuals.

Nomination information 


Eligible nominees must:

  1. Live* and work* (individuals) or operate (businesses and organizations) within the Metro Vancouver region bounded by and including Hope, Pemberton, Sunshine Coast and the United States border
  2. Not currently be taking part in a campaign or serving a term in office as an elected government official
  3. Satisfy each of the nomination criteria for their award category
  4. Consent to the nomination and the publication of her/their name, photo and information
  5. Attend the Women of Distinction Awards photoshoot
  6. Be available to attend the event on Monday, June 7, 2021.
  7. For the Young Woman of Distinction category, be 18-25 years of age as of March 8, 2021.
  8. Satisfy the YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Values Statement (see below)
  9. Submit a quote and participate in the Connecting the Community Award (individuals only)

*We understand COVID-19 may have impacted your current living and working situations. If due to the pandemic you are living outside of the Metro Vancouver area, but the content of your nomination focuses on your work within Metro Vancouver you are still eligible to submit a nomination.

Nomination criteria - individuals

A Woman of Distinction inspires others. She has achieved outstanding success in her field by:

  1. Showing vision and initiative to break new ground or old barriers
  2. Demonstrating accomplishments that help her stand out amongst her peers
  3. Being a leader and role model
  4. Participating actively as a volunteer
  5. Being recognized by her community for her sustained commitment and contribution within her category

Nominate an outstanding woman

Nomination criteria - Outstanding Workplace

An outstanding workplace supports the wellness and diverse needs of its employees by:

  1. Being a role model in best workplace practices by implementing an innovative initiative exclusively for employees
  2. Being progressive and responsive to employee needs, including work-life balance
  3. Supporting the advancement and success of women
  4. Fostering professional development and mentorship
  5. Supporting employee volunteerism and community initiatives
  6. Promoting healthy lifestyles

Nominate a progressive workplace

How to nominate

All nominations must be completed online. It is important to note that work cannot be saved in the online form. It is recommended that you complete your work in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste it into the form when you are ready.

Please complete all fields on the form, including:

  • Nominee and nominator information
  • Summary of nomination (120 words maximum)
  • Nomination criteria (300 words maximum for each)
  • Letters of support
  • Optional: supplemental materials

Selection process

The Nominations Committee reviews all submissions for completeness, eligibility and ensures that each nomination fulfills ALL of the nomination criteria. Please note that every nomination submission is not accepted. All accepted nominations are forwarded to an independent Judging Panel. The Nominations Committee and Judging Panel reserve the right to withhold an award in any category. 

YWCA Women of Distinction Awards Values Statement

The YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards encourages nominations that showcase individuals who are driving positive change either directly or by example. Activities and achievements of all potential nominees must align with the YWCA’s values. The candidates’ participation in employment, recreation or special interests encapsulates the spirit of women’s equality as outlined in YWCA Metro Vancouver’s mission and vision. The YWCA reserves the right to revoke an award if subsequent circumstances respecting the recipient contradict the mission, ethics and / or values of YWCA Metro Vancouver or bring its reputation into disrepute. The nominee or nominator may withdraw the nomination, for any reason, up to two weeks before the award ceremony. The withdrawal must be made in writing, notifying the nominator/nominee and the YWCA of the withdrawal. The YWCA will accept the withdrawal, effective immediately.